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  ExpoChess Vitoria-Gasteiz (Gran Hotel Lakua)

  Calle de Tarragona, 8
  01010 Vitoria-Gasteiz


Expochess, who we are...

  • Expochess in press: Expochess has and has had much impact on press with publications in several countries and in different languages with much acceptance...

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  • Expochess in Internet: It is known that Expochess has had great success on the Internet with dozens of publications in more than 30 top-level Web pages in different countries...

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  • EXPOCHESS VITORIA-GASTEIZ 2016 "WOMEN CONQUERING CHESS WORLD": A cultural festival pursuing to join various branches of arts with Chess and Women to reach a transversal approach to the chess world.

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    Tlf.: 943.080.200

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