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"The Cross Culture of Chess"


Sumary of EXPOCHESS 2015


With this event we builded a bridge to bring chess to everyone, but especially all those related to culture and art; schools, universities, art fans, chess and other sectors of society in which this activity usually is not present in its lines of motivation/cultural inspiration. To celebrate this festival, we chosen the Gran Hotel Lakua in Vitoria-Gasteiz, which is known by its relationship to culture and Chess.


It developed exhibitions of paintings, woodcuts, philately, photograph about Chess With the works of the German artist Elke Rehder, the German painter Uwe Holstein, the Basque painter Mikel Garate, of Mexican photographers of the Colectivo Cuarto de Luna and photographer "Iñaki" of Iñaki y Asociados. Together with the Biscayan Jose Manuel Garcia which will present an interesting collection of stamps with the theme of the Olympics and World Chess Champions in 200 sheets.


It has convened an international themed painting contest organized by the cultural association EXPOCHESS X.E., with the theme of Chess.
Being the first edition, there have been a great number of participants, of much level with national/international awards (hundreds in all) and very experienced in the sector having participated in different countries and at different times.

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Contest rules

The jury selected 9 works taking part in the exhibition of FESTIVAL EXPOCHESS VITORIA-GASTEIZ at the Gran Hotel Lakua. On July 23 the jury gave its verdict and declared as winner of the contest the work "Identidades Cambiantes" of the Catalan painter Marta Ballvé. Here you can see the awesome winning work of the I EXPOCHESS PAINTING CONTEST: "The Cross Culture of Chess".



High-level conferences were organized where there were several issues of cross-culture of Chess, highlighting the presentation of the famous journalist of world-class Leontxo Garcia Olasagasti, who offered us a world first "CHESS AND ART, THE MAGIC CONNECTION" (July 26). In this novel audiovisual presentation he showed Chess connections with the various branches of art: film, music, literature... This section of the conferences were complemented by lectures what gave us their vision of how they can use art as a means to attract new sectors from culture to Chess.


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  • ExpoChess Vitoria--Gasteiz 2015 "The Cross Culture of Chess" project. A festival to make a bridge among the people and Chess with the culture.

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