Figures of maximum global relevance

"The world's most important congress for Equality of Women in Chess"

10:00 am
Leontxo García
Leontxo García
Journalist specializing in Chess
11:45 am
Lorena García
Lorena García
Educational psychologist
9:30 am
Nicola Lococo
Nicola Lococo
Philosopher - Chess player
11:15 am*
Martha Fierro
Martha Fierro
IM, FIDE coach and she forms a part of the FIDE's commission of women's chess
09:30 am
Ana Matnadze
Ana Matnadze
International journalist and President of charitable international movement "Chess – a Peace Ambassador"
11:30 am
Judit Polgár
Judit Polgár
The best female chess player in history

The event will feature the participation of personalities of international prestige in this field, a team of accredited specialists in psychology, sociology, psychiatry, philosophy, education and journalism. In the next button is the congress program:


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