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EXPOCHESS: "Chess and Art of the World"

"The Cross Culture of Chess extended throughout the world"

Introduction of the new EXPOCHESS festival


EXPOCHESS “Chess and Art of the World” is a current project which embraces global culture. With a well-defined growth vocation, this project has presence in eight countries and eleven exhibitions and many other countries will take part of this initiative soon.

Chess culture all over the world


This international project shows and promotes the chess culture through a painstaking selection of drawings from different countries where the artists transmit common values to our project.

Contests, exhibitions and conferences

Contests, exhibitions, conferences and more

  • International Painting Contests
  • International Drawing Contests
  • World-class conferences
  • Art exhibitions (Chess theme)
  • Performances (dance, music, video ...)
  • Chess sporting events
  • Gamification of Chess
  • ...
  • World Tour

    World Tour

  • Venezuela (Cumana)
  • Bostswana (Francistown)
  • Chile (Ñuñoa, Santiago)
  • Colombia (Bogotá)
  • Portugal (Barreiro)
  • Uruguay (Montevideo)
  • Mexico (Cuernavaca, Ciudad de México)
  • España (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Mérida, Sevilla, Valencia)
  • Guatemala (Ciudad de Guatemala)
  • EEUU (New York)
  • Costa Rica (San José)
  • Nepal (Katmandu)
  • ...
  • Do you want to sign up for the first World Tour of Cross-Cultural Chess that unites all branches of art in more than 20 countries?


    ALL THE ARTS: Photography, Painting, music, dance...

    The art of photography


    The art of photography will be illustrated in this festival with artists from different countries. Our last exhibitions have counted with artists from Mexico and Venezuela, dozens of photographs. These works of art and more that will enrich the project will be exhibited all over the world.

    The art of painting


    So far, we have organized four contest, two of them painting, world-class, with more than 100 participants even being a specific theme as it was in the second edition "Women to the Conquest of Chess." In each contest there was a winning work, these will be part of the exhibitions.

    el arte de la música y la danza

    Music and dance

    The Cross Culture of Chess has an infinity of ways of being represented; Music and dance are two arts that show it in a very beautiful and elegant way. Already in 2015 Leontxo García showed us in his presentation, world premiere, the magical connection between a great game and music, video, dance...

    Sponsors, collaborators and organizers:

    • expochess xake elkartea
    • ahsi consulting
    • euskadi basque country
    • danobat group
    • gran hotel lakua
    • colectivo cuarto de luna
    • sarukaku estudio
    • alejandro venegas fotografia
    • colegio emilio valenzuela
    • fundacion ajedrez social chile
    • francistown school of chess botswana
    • h7 chile
    • esnaj
    • fundacion america solidaria chile
    • cacao cafe deli cumana venezuela
    • fide social action comission