IX International Drawing Contest

"Chess and the values of respect for the animal world"

International Drawing Contest expochess

In previous editions of the EXPOCHESS competition, we have witnessed how the works presented reflected the positive values that chess can contribute to the environment. Initiatives were shown that, step by step, contribute to the preservation and improvement of our natural environment.

Throughout these experiences, we have recognized that numerous protagonists of nature, significantly affected by human activities, often go unnoticed due to our daily routines. We are referring especially to the animal world.

In our cities, there are colonies of animals that live in urbanized areas, birds that breathe polluted air, and wild animals that are forced to abandon their natural habitats. To counteract this situation, various foundations and associations, motivated by a genuine commitment, dedicate tireless efforts to protect these living beings. However, the fight for ecological balance requires widespread and cooperative action. It is essential that we become aware of this need and act together to ensure that animals can coexist optimally in our world.

With this premise, from EXPOCHESS we launch the new theme: "Chess and the values of respect for the animal world". The main objective is ... continue reading.

List of winners of the previous edition

Unique World Art Network

This contest brings together participants from more than twenty countries spread across five continents, involving dozens of schools, associations, clubs, collaborators and federations. Thanks to this, we manage to bring together thousands of boys and girls, who contribute their drawings, creating a global network of art without borders that reflects the imagination and artistic talent of future generations.

Participants are divided into two age groups for boys and girls: 6 to 9 years old and 10 to 14 years old, in addition to a category for people over 14 years old. In this edition, we present a new topic: "Chess and the values of respect for the animal world." Participants can use free artistic techniques and work in A3 format.

This event is not only a contest, but a platform for international meetings and cooperation facilitated by new technologies, which act as doors and windows in our global village. This edition is characterized by its "2.0" approach, which integrates modern technologies with traditional methods. On the event's website, a section will be enabled where you can see the 24 works selected for each country and category, as well as all the participating works. This online exhibition creates a vast and rich network of art, enriched with nuances of diverse cultures.

This year, the ninth edition of the EXPOCHESS international drawing competition will be held in the north of Spain, specifically in Azkoitia, Laredo and Vitoria-Gasteiz, under the direction of David Sierra, President of EXPOCHESS. Along with him, Mikel Garate and Josean Morlesín, both members of the international jury, will play a crucial role in the event. In addition, we have the valuable collaboration of international partners such as the “Ajedrez Integral Educativo” collective, Sarukaku Art Studio and the Cuarto de Luna Collective of Mexico.

Since 2017, in collaboration with our partner in Mexico, Cristobal Ortiz, we have organized a festival that includes an art and chess tour throughout the country. This project has been possible thanks to the support of numerous local collaborators, starting with the Ajedrez Integral Educativo collective, and continuing with the National Chess Federation of Mexico, various chess associations and clubs, as well as individual chess players who have established significant alliances for the success of the event.

In this video you can see a preview of the art exhibitions:

international drawing contest expochess

Previous edition

A National Tour was organized throughout Mexico with cultural and sporting Chess events led by our local collaborators such as Cristóbal Ortiz, Gina Salazar, the members of Sarukaku Art Studio, Jesús Bustamante and more participants who contributed their part for the consequence of such achievement. This National Tour was carried out as a result of the eighth edition of the EXPOCHESS International Drawing Contest, Mexico was our venue for that edition and that is how the EXPOCHESS MEXICO 2023 project was called. It began with the international drawing call and with a Tour National of art and chess together with the collaboration of the Ajedrez Integral Educativo collective with the help of the National Chess Federation of Mexico, different associations of chess clubs and chess players, as well as alliances. Here you can see the video of the closing: "Closing of the VIII EXPOCHESS International Drawing Competition".

Previous edition

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