V International Drawing Contest

"Chess and the positive environmental principles in your natural setting"

International Drawing Contest expochess

Chess, culture, equality, fraternity, education and global connection, these are the pillars of the EXPOCHESS International Drawing Contest embodied with paper, pencil and paints in the drawings of this magnificent project by the CHILDREN OF THE WORLD.

This contest brings together more than twenty countries from the five continents, dozens of schools, associations, clubs, collaborators, federations... achieving the participation of thousands of boys and girls with their respective drawings. This is how a unique and global network of art is created without barriers with the imagination and art of our future.

“The current environmental crisis sets out challenges to all the inhabitants of the planet. Increasingly and in a fast way, worldwide globalization is having an impact on the social reality of the countries and on the environmental health. Mankind has been set itself up as the king of the creation; therefore, we tend to forget that we are part of the same creation and the same nature. ... Continue reading.

List of winners:

Winners category 6 to 9 years:
  • 1-“Our World on a board” - Lautaro Humerez (Argentina).
  • 2-"Chess under the Mango bush" - Gabriela Sofía Culpa Méndez (Venezuela).
  • 3-"The love of nature" - Angélica Regina Ramírez Baños (Mexico).

  • Winners category 10 to 14 years:
  • 1-“Clash of Worlds. The Final Game ”- Aisha Tovar (Venezuela).
  • 2-"Life is like Chess" - Luana Vera (Paraguay).
  • 3-"Checkmate the contamination" - students of class V of the Capracotta Primary School (Italy).

  • Category winners +14 years:
  • 1-"Checkmate pollution" - Ashly Garcilazo Puertas (Peru).
  • 2-"Life" - Abril Godoy (Argentina).
  • 3-Prize shared between:
  •   -"In defense of nature" - Abigail Albornoz (Argentina).   -"Defeat and victory", by Erika Rolon (Paraguay).

    Special mentions category 10 to 14 years:
  • "The Nature of Chess" - Delfina Franchi (Argentina).
  • "The butterfly in chess" - Karen Lisbeth Martínez Aguilar (Mexico).

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    Unique World Art Network

    Children from 6 to 14 years old (two age ranges, from 6 to 9 and from 10 to 14 years old) and people over 14 years of age participate; divided into three categories. In this edition we launch a new theme: "Chess and the positive environmental principles in your natural setting"; with free techniques and in A3 format.

    The material medium that provides this opportunity for meeting and cooperation between different peoples of the planet, is provided by the new technologies that make doors and windows in the global village, specifically, the contest is “2.0”, since it fuses new technologies with traditional ones; A section will be opened on the event's website where you can see both the 24 works selected by each country and category and all the participants (from each country) creating an immense and very rich art network with touches of different cultures.

    concurso internacional de dibujos expochess

    Previous edition

    The fourth edition of the Drawing Contest was held in conjunction with the project's World Tour: at each event in each country, contest sessions were organized in which the children of the organizing country participated in order to give them prominence on the spot. Also, since the world tour in the same year could not be carried out in all the countries participating in EXPOCHESS, the other countries were able to participate online by sending their drawings as in the previous two editions.

    Previous edition

    Sponsors, collaborators and organizers:

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    • Danobat Group
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