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Interview #37 | Francisco Javier Iglesias Leon - "GATITO CHESS CLUB"

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Interview with Francisco "Gatito", Chess Consultant by José Manuel Sierra Lozano, Director of EXPOCHESS. In the interview we discussed the following topics:

-The history of the Gijón Closed International Chess Tournament from 1944 to 1965, of the new editions that began in 2021 with the victory of Neuris Delgado (4 Champion of Paraguay), continued the presentation of the participants in the 2022 edition, headed by Dommaraju Gukesh (2659-India).
He also tells us about his champions, with players of the stature of: Alexander Alekhine (2 World Champion), Max Euwe (World Champion), Bent Larsen (3 World Championship Semifinalist), Arturo Pomar (7 Spanish Champion). ..

-The possibility that in the Cerrado de Gijón, Gukesh beats Magnus Carlsen's record by reaching 2700 Elo at 16 years and 1 month.

-The forecast for the 2022 podium: 1st Dommaraju Gukesh, 2nd Neuris Delgado and 3rd Pedro A. Ginés.

-The human and sports relations of "Gatito" with great tournaments such as the "Llobregat Open Chess", International Grand Masters such as Ponomariovo, Gukesh, Yaniela Forgas, Marcelo Panelo, Neuris Delgado, Lelys Stanley Martínez, Alexandr Fier... even with a Ukrainian chess family.

Who is Francis?
Francisco Javier Iglesias León (Langreo, 03/17/1972)
- Degree in Law and advanced course in sports law.
- Chess consultant, representative and coach.
- Director of the Gijón International Chess Tournament.
- Chess player (Elo-2096) of C. A. Gijón 64 and captain of C. A. Días Ferreira (Portugal).
- Advisor to the Llobregat International Open Tournament.
- Co-founder of C.A. Gijón 64
- Former Delegate of the chess section of the Covadonga Group.
- Former Secretary for 11 years of the Asturian Chess Federation.
- Ideologist of the spirit: Ventanucu Chess Club.
- Former Captain of La Salle.
- He shared a team at the Viesques Campus University with Bronstein and Ubilava.

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